lAUNCHED IN 2022, Volatile House is a artist retreat and boutique stay in sun-drenched middle Georgia. The house hosts 6 rentable rooms, each simply furnished with spaces to sleep, relax, and work. The downstairs has a living room, library, dining room, and large kitchen. The grounds are pretty juicy, with a wide, social front porch and screened back porch, bocce court, outdoor kitchen, and a 42’ heated swimming pool with jacuzzi. 

The house is rentable by the room for artist residencies and boutique stays. The whole house may be rented by special request, and is an ideal location for staff retreats, weddings, bocce ball tournaments, etc. To inquire about whole-house rentals, please email volatile.parts@gmail.com

Volatile House is operated by Jess Bernhart and Tareq Al Salaita, who live next door with our family. 

When I woke, the sun was already high. It streamed upon my face through the window of the studio.

The sensation of waking was itself a revelation. For months past I had been neither awake nor asleep ; simply passing from the state of greater to lesser unconsciousness. But this was a definite act.

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about Montezuma

Volatile House is located in Montezuma, Georgia. Montezuma is a small town of about 3,000 on the eastern bank of the Flint River, north of Lake Blackshear, and about a 2 hour drive from Atlanta. The area is largely agricultural, particularly peach, pecan, and cotton farms, but Volatile House sits in the historic downtown district with multiple restaurants, a grocery store,  pharmacies, farm stands, etc. The area is walkable, bikeable, and quite friendly. 

Common questions

who is eligible for a residency?

Anyone seeking a creative retreat is welcome. Artists, makers, and performers in traditional and non-traditional media are welcome, as well as those who may not identify as artists but seek time away from their day-to-day to focus and engage their creative practice. 

What are the house rules?

No smoking anywhere inside the house - smoking outside is permitted, but please be considerate of other guests. Working hours are between 9a and 4p, during which time we ask that you respect the work environment within the house and not visit other studios without direct invitation. Quiet hours begin at 11p.

how long can I stay?

Residencies are one-week blocks, starting on Sundays at 3pm and ending on Saturdays at 11am. We think that booking by full week allows you to develop relationships with other residents, the House, and your practice in this space. You can stay for up to three consecutive weeks.   

How do i book? 

To inquire about booking, please email volatile.parts@gmail.com to make your arrangements directly. 

What if I can’t stay for a whole week?

Although we encourage you to stay for at least a week, we understand it may not be feasible for everyone. To inquire about staying for a different time-span, please email volatile.parts@gmail.com directly.

What’s included?

Your residency includes your stay and use of the entire house and grounds, as well as a welcome dinner and drinks. We have some basic goods for breakfast, like coffee and cereal, and we often share meals with residents. However, you are responsible for providing your own meals (we encourage you to enjoy the kitchen and cook with others). 

How is the working day structured?

Volatile House reserves the periods between 9a. and 4p, and again after 11p, as “working hours” for artists to work without interruption. During this period, there should be no interference with the working time of fellow guests and no studio visits without direct invitation. Occasionally, we may institute creative structures and working prompts for specific weeks of residency (eg. silence from dawn to dusk; no cell phones before 2p). Residents are welcome to collectively develop their own creative structures during their stay. 

Can I bring a friend / partner / collaborator?

Please send an email to volatile.parts@gmail.com if you’d like to share your room with another, informing us of your relationship and the reason for their stay. You will be charged an additional $150 for the week, due to the increased use of common areas and provisions.

Can I bring my kid(s)?If you’d like to bring your children, please send an email to volatile.parts@gmail.com. We try to accomodate artist parents, but also need to be mindful of the work environment of fellow residents. You will be responsible for the care and supervision of your children for the entirety of your residency. An additional charge of $150 per child per week applies. Can I bring my pet? 

Unfortunately, pets that are not registered service animals are not allowed. Please note, we do have a resident dog, Hattie. Hattie is a large, 9-year old mutt. She is very gentle.

Volatile House grew out of Volatile Parts, an experimental studio residency and publishing project in Atlanta, hosted from March 2019 - November 2020. The publishing arm of Volatile Parts is ongoing. More information can be found at: volatile.parts

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